GoFresh365, Inc.

Make outstanding achievements today for an extraordinary future.

“It is not merely a job opportunity, but also a common dream of us all!” Talented people are our most important resource. We offer our employees broad space for further development and bring them up to be masters of the enterprise. Our value proposition is to advocate “having both ability and integrity with morality rooted, absorbing talented and virtuous people, and placing priority on performance and effectiveness”.

The connotation of GoFresh365, Inc.’s “People First” is:

1. Pay attention to the all-round needs of the staff and workers, advocate humanistic management and create an enterprise with humanization concern;

2. Base the development of the enterprise on “people”, give priority to the human value and raise the building of the talent team and the improvement of the quality of the staff and workers to a foothold for the enterprise’s growth.

GoFresh365, Inc. respects talented people and lays emphasis on the job training; as a result, more and more talented young people have joined us to give full play to their abilities in management, production, marketing as well as research and development, making great contributions to the development of the enterprise. We hereby invite more “dreamers” to join GoFresh365, Inc. and let’s work and make progress hand in hand!